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Scoliosis is a spinal abnormality that causes a sideways curve in the spine. Up to 9 million people in the United States have scoliosis. Treatment for this spinal abnormality depends on the severity of the curvature. At Spine Solutions in Hollywood, Boca Raton, and Coral Gables, Florida, Behnam Myers, DO, MPH, and Howard Levene, MD, PhD, specialize in scoliosis correction. They perform minimally invasive spine surgeries to correct the abnormal curve. Schedule an appointment by calling the office or booking an appointment online today.

Scoliosis Correction Q&A

What is scoliosis?

Scoliosis is a spine condition affecting the normal curves of your spine; those with scoliosis have a sideways curve.

Your spine has three natural curves at the cervical, thoracic, and lumbar areas of your spine. These curves position your head over your pelvis, act as shock absorbers, and distribute body weight during movement. 

With scoliosis, the spine twists and curves to the side. This spinal abnormality most often appears in childhood or early adolescence.  

What is scoliosis correction?

Scoliosis correction is a surgical procedure to improve spinal alignment for patients with scoliosis. 

During scoliosis correction, the board-certified surgeons at Spine Solutions straighten the curved areas of your spine and then fuse the vertebral bones using bone grafting material or hardware to prevent movement. 

When performing scoliosis correction, the surgeons use minimally invasive tools and techniques whenever possible to reduce tissue damage, post-surgical pain, and recovery time. 

Am I a candidate for scoliosis correction?

Not everyone with scoliosis needs surgical intervention. Schedule a consultation at Spine Solutions to see if you’re a candidate for scoliosis correction. 

The surgeons may only consider you a candidate for scoliosis correction if your spine curves more than 40 degrees.

Before recommending surgery, however, the spine surgeons at Spine Solutions may first try nonsurgical interventions such as bracing, spine mobilization, and physical therapy. 

Dr. Myers and Dr. Levene may also recommend scoliosis correction to revise a previous surgical procedure for your scoliosis. 

What happens during scoliosis correction?

The spine surgeons at Spine Solutions customize your scoliosis correction surgical plan to match your needs and goals. They review the details of your procedure at your pre-surgical consultation, so you know what to expect.

When using minimally invasive techniques, the surgeons approach your spine from the side (lateral) or the back (posterior). No matter the approach, your surgeon’s goal is to straighten the abnormal curve and fuse the bones to prevent further movement.

Recovery following scoliosis correction varies, but you may be able to resume most of your usual activities within 4-6 weeks. 

Find out more about scoliosis correction with the experts at Spine Solutions by calling the office or scheduling a consultation online today.