3 Major Signs Your Spine Is Injured

Signs Your Spine Is Injured

Usually, our bodies are designed to give us a heads-up when some of its functions aren’t working properly. Major parts of our body, like the spine, are resilient when faced with malfunctions and can trigger certain symptoms to let us know something is wrong. However, what if we don’t recognize the signs? Here are some common signs Spine Solutions recommends to look out for when it comes to spinal injury:

Traveling pain to the hips, buttocks, legs and feet

As an interconnected, integral part of the body, the spine will use other body parts to inform you of a malfunction. Since the hips, buttocks, legs and feet are all connected, nerves from the spinal cord will trigger irritations (or sharp pains) throughout the body to signal a deeper-rooted problem at hand.

One possible cause related to this symptom: Bulging disc

Numbness and tingling in the arm or hand

Although a numbing and tingling sensation can mean many things, the spine could be the cause. Another nerve-related symptom, this feeling is related to damage, irritation or compression of nerves in the spine. This can also be paired with muscular weakness in the arm, muscle spasms or loss of coordination.

One possible cause related to this symptom: Torn disc

Tenderness and inflammation

Two common areas where one can experience spine-related tenderness and inflammation are around the neck and lower back. Tenderness and inflammation occur when working parts of the spine are aggravated. This sensation may also stem inflexibility and stiffness throughout the neck and lower back.

One possible cause related to this symptom: Facet joint disease

If you or a loved one has experienced any of these symptoms recently, contact our team of experts at Spine Solutions for a consultation. Call us at 954-329-1769 or email us at info@spinesolutionsfl.com to learn what Spine Solutions can do for you.

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