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Understanding Back Pain: How Serious Is Your Condition?

Most individuals have been affected by back pain at some point during their lives. Sometimes the pain feels mild. Other times, the pain feels debilitating. When you are used to feeling striking pain throughout your spine, how will you ever be able to tell when this pain suggests a severe problem? Spine Solutions is here to share common symptoms and remedies to keep in mind if back pain is a constant in your life.

Symptoms of Specific Back Pain

If you are experiencing back pain coupled with other extreme symptoms, like unplanned weight loss, blood in the stool, loss of bladder control, numbness, etc., please consult your doctor immediately.

Remedies for General Back Pain

Consult your doctor for initial recommendations regarding any spine treatment. That being said, these common remedies can be performed in addition to prescribed treatment.

Is your lower or upper back pain bringing you down? You may need to explore more progressive treatment. Learn more about back pain and the severity of your specific condition by calling Spine Solutions at (954) 516-1187. Our team of professionals has the knowledge and resources to properly care for your spine.

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