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How to Maintain a Healthy Spine During Homeschooling

Healthy Spine During Homeschooling

This year, parents have had to adjust to the consequences of the global pandemic: COVID-19. They have been faced with many challenges; one of which includes the decision to send their children physically back to school. Although some parents have opted to allow their kids join in on in-class education, other parents are electing to continue homeschooling. Homeschooling is a solid alternative to traditional learning; however, it does come with its physical and mental stressors. The experts at Spine Solutions want your homeschooling experience to be as comfortable and smooth as possible. That being said, check out these spine health tips that can be applied during homeschooling.

Set Clear Expectations

If you or your child is not too familiar with homeschooling yet, do not be alarmed. Many other families are still adjusting to the physical and emotional transition of learning from home. A homeschooling environment is completely different from a traditional classroom that typically has educational resources, a prepared teacher, other students, and a unique workspace for each student. Not every child needs these elements to ensure a successful education but being aware of the changes may help your child notice what he or she needs to continue thriving.

Build a Productive Workspace

Setting up a useful space where students can study comfortably and effectively can be a challenge. Not every family is equipped with an office space, a proper desk, or most importantly, supportive chairs. Additionally, some schools do not allow students to attend virtual school from their bed or any other casual setting. Communicate with your student’s teachers and the school’s staff to help build a productive workspace that works for your child’s physical needs. Use accessible resources, like pillows to line uncomfortable chairs and a mouse pad to support computer use, when creating a customized and comfortable study area. A personalized workspace space can be adjusted to support your spine during a long, sedentary day of online schooling.

Keep it Moving

Depending the age and condition of your child, his or her daily routine will need to incorporate movement. Homeschooling, especially when virtual learning is involved, may require staying in the same position for long periods of time. This can be detrimental to a child’s spine, especially if the child is not typically physically active. Make sure your students are taking regular breaks in between sessions, getting up to stretch or walk around at least once an hour, and staying hydrated throughout the day. Stretching at the start and end of the day can help expand growing muscles and improve overall back health. Once your child sits back down in the chair, have them adjust their posture to be upright and aligned. Maintaining good posture allows for proper bone and joint alignment, muscle strain prevention, and stress reduction.

Homeschooling your child may not be ideal, but these tips can help improve your day-to-day routine and maintain a healthy spine while continuing to learn from home. Contact Spine Solutions at (954) 516-1426 to learn more about spine health during COVID-19 and other tips to alleviate back pain.

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