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Which Pillows and Mattresses Are Right for Your Spine?

Are you tossing and turning throughout the night due to back pain? Does that discomfort linger throughout the next morning? Your pillows or mattresses may be at fault. An old, worn-out pillow or mattress can severely impact your quality of sleep. More specifically, they can impact your spine’s long-term health.

Thankfully, certain pillow and mattress companies are manufacturing products that cater to individuals with poor spine health. These companies use specific materials that are engineered to support aching, sensitive spines. Here is a detailed compilation of back-friendly pillows and mattresses that are Spine Solutions-approved.

Recommended Pillows

A variety of factors can justify whether or not a pillow is right for you; however, individuals should pay attention to the pillow’s material, design, and firmness before making a purchase.

Recommended Mattresses

Purchasing a new mattress is a big investment. Why not take the time to research some that will promote positive spine health?

If your back pain persists, you may need more than a new pillow or mattress to alleviate your condition. Lack of sleep due to back pain will intensify your discomfort, eventually becoming a cyclical issue. Do not wait to contact our Spine Solutions team. We specialize in laser spine surgery, minimally invasive spinal surgery, disc replacement, and herniated disc repair. To learn more about the different types of back pain and treatment options available to you, call Spine Solutions at (954) 516-1187.

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