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Key Questions to Ask Your Florida Spine Surgeon

Surgical doctor looking at radiological spinal x-ray film for medical diagnosis on patient's health.

Having back and spine issues can be truly debilitating. But while most back pain usually fades after a session of massage or a visit to your chiropractor, special cases or injuries that cause chronic pain are a sign you may need another solution like spinal surgery. Of course, it can be daunting to think of undergoing any type of surgery, so asking the right questions of your surgeon regarding spinal surgery will help to relieve any anxiety

Here are just a few important questions you may want to ask your surgeon:

How will this surgery help my spinal condition? Is there any other alternative treatment?

Back pain that is caused by injuries to or deformations of the spine is often a sign you need surgery. After having your surgery and getting the proper rest determined by your surgeon, your condition will get better in a matter of a few weeks or months and you will most likely be able to return to all your normal activities.

Additionally, there are some alternative treatments you can try if deemed appropriate by your surgeon. Some of them include:

How long does the procedure take?

The procedure can take as short as two hours and as long as 6 hours, or sometimes even longer. The duration depends on the damage to your spine and the number of procedures to be made. You may stay at the hospital for a few days, depending on the scale of the surgery, and you can start therapy as soon as the next day. Recovering fully from back surgery may take a month or more, but making a good effort will get you back into shape.

What are the potential complications?

While the success rate of most spinal surgeries is high (70% – 90%), complications are possible so ask your surgeon to guide you with your specific condition. Depending on your situation, you may be at higher risk for blood clots or infections, but the right surgeon will know how you can have the best outcome.

Are there any preparations I should do before the procedure?

There are many things to prepare before your surgery. It is always better to have someone close and trustworthy to accompany you to your surgery. Remember to bring the essentials like toiletries if you will stay in the hospital overnight or longer. Arrange your living space to be without any obstacles in hallways, etc. Make your bed comfortable to lie on and keep your essentials where you can reach them without much exertion.

Quit or avoid smoking two weeks before your surgery and six weeks after. Having a physical exam with your general practitioner is also a good idea to determine if your body is in good health to recover from surgery. It is also advised to avoid drinking water and skip a meal the night before your surgery.


No one ever likes to have surgery done, but when you have the right team of surgeons and experts to help alleviate your spinal issues so you can live a normal life again, it’s worth it. Before deciding on any surgical procedure, be sure to discuss all your questions with your surgeon so you can make an informed decision. If you don’t know where to start, our spinal surgeon experts are here to help you. Simply give us a call or book your appointment at


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