3 Popular Myths About Back Pain

 Back Pain

A sharp pain running down your spine or a stiff neck has become all too common in today’s world. As more individuals experience back pain on a regular basis, myths regarding the causes or treatments of these aches are normalized in conversation. At Spine Solutions, our goal is to squash any myths that could interfere with proper patient recovery or physical progress. Here are the top three myths you might hear about back pain:

Myth #1 – Rest is the best way to treat back pain

Traditionally, rest is recommended to soothe any kind of physical pain, but when it comes to back pain, experts suggest limiting this resting period to about two days. Long-term bed rest or extended periods of physical inactivity lead to muscle stiffness and discomfort. In turn, this creates a frustrating cycle where inactivity increases pain, and increased pain encourages inactivity.

When it comes to deep-rooted back conditions, spine experts recommend hands-on care, including a consistent exercise routine or aided physical therapy.

Myth #2 – Spines are fragile

Although a spine may seem easily breakable, its surrounding muscles, tendons and ligaments create a strong and flexible system that works together to support each individual back. While there are some exceptions to an innately healthy spine, all kinds of spines require proper conditioning and maintenance. This may include stretching every day, routine muscle strengthening and aerobic exercises.

That being said, your spine isn’t indestructible. Aggressively consistent activities can eventually harm your spine, such as bad posture and improper exercising techniques. Other lifestyle choices like smoking, lack of sleep and poor nutrition can also have a negative effect on your spine.

Myth #3 – Back pain is hereditary

In reality, there is no genetic predisposition for common back pain. However, poor lifestyle choices that may affect back pain can be passed down through familial traits.

Instead of stressing over genetic predispositions, your brain power would be better spent on practices to protect your spine. Not sure where to start? An easy first step toward proactive spinal care would be to exercise good posture, sitting up with your back straight and your shoulders back.

For more information on dealing with back pain and accurate spinal facts, contact our team of experts at Spine Solutions. Call us at 954-329-1769 or email us at info@spinesolutionsfl.com to learn what Spine Solutions can do for you.

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