3 Things You Need to Know About Physical Therapy After Spine Surgery

Spine Surgery

After minimally invasive spine surgery, you want to make sure you are doing everything in your power to streamline your recovery journey. One sure way to do this would be to maintain your doctor’s suggested healing regimen. Often times, this regimen includes various physical therapy sessions with licensed professionals. It may seem overwhelming to dive into physical therapy right after surgery, but know there are benefits to completing your sessions with a physical therapist. Here’s what you need to keep in mind if your doctor has recommended physical therapy for your recovery.

Physical therapy is a key component to recovery.

Physical therapy guided by a professional can transform your spine surgery recovery process. Certain techniques will strengthen areas that were affected by surgery, rejuvenating functions and overall mobility. Therapy routines will vary based on each patient’s needs, but results will be strong if the patient is dedicated to maintaining therapeutic practices. In addition to the inherent benefits of multiple scheduled sessions, a physical therapist will be able to tell if your body is healing at a normal rate. Based on the severity of surgery and the expected recovery timeline, your physical therapist can guide you back to the right path to heal properly.

Exercises can improve your future relationship with physical activity.

Not only does physical therapy restore your body back to full health, but it can also improve your capability of physical activity. Prior to surgery, your mobility, flexibility and endurance may have hit unprecedented lows because of your spine condition. After completing physical therapy, a patient’s range of motion and balance will be heightened like never before.

It may not be easy, but it will be worth it.

Depending on the severity of a patient’s spine surgery, the physical therapy process may be uncomfortable. Routines include exercising stiff joints, limbs and muscles all over the body. If a patient has waited a long time to begin his or her physical therapy sessions, the therapist will be required to break down built-up scar tissue, which is usually a painful process. The thought of these roadblocks does seem daunting; however, ample time and consistent effort will see you through a successful recovery journey.

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