Drink Water to Reduce Back Pain

Reduce Back Pain

Drink more water. Seems like a simple rule of thumb to lead a healthy life. What if we told you water was more than just an energy booster? H2O is known to revitalize every bodily system, even the interworking vertebrae within our spines. With a hydrated spine, our bodies can perform at their best, minimizing pain and maximizing possibilities.

How it works:

A disk lives between every vertebrae. With a total of 23 disks, each is vital to supporting the spine. Disks become tiny shock absorbers, protecting the spine from daily damage when walking, jumping or exercising. One part of a disk, the nucleus pulposus, is a jelly-filled inner core made up of collagen and, yes, water. The inner core works together with other parts of the disk to absorb shock and support the spine.

Reduce Back Pain

When there is dehydration in the inner core, an imbalance in the disk can occur, leading to more back pain. Drinking water can protect the disks from reaching dehydration and can ultimately decrease back pressure and discomfort.

More water, please:

Each person’s water intake varies based on age, sex, activity level, and even where you live. Other fluids existing in the foods you eat or in the beverages you drink contribute to your daily water intake. The Institute of Medicine suggests men drink about 13 cups a day and women 9 cups, but there isn’t a set amount.

Ultimately, our bodies will always tell us how much water we are needing. Whether it be through an urge of thirst or shooting back pain, listen to your body and rehydrate. Your spine will thank you.

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