How Can I Protect My Spine from an Exercise-Related Injury?

Exercise-Related Injury

Exercising is important to sustaining our physical and mental health. When exercising becomes a staple in our routine, we need to be cognoscente of the proper practices to protect our bodies from an injury. More specifically, our spine should be top of mind when performing exercises. Thankfully, there are tips to use while working out to keep your spine safe throughout your routine.

Start with a warm up

Whether you are a novice exerciser or a pro, one key element of a successful workout is your warm-up. Warming up your body before beginning a workout will increase blood flow to the muscles and increase overall flexibility to better absorb impacts throughout your exercises. Cold, unworked areas of your body are more likely to be damaged during a workout. A proper and thorough warm-up should be about 10 to 15 minutes. You can start slowly with easier stretches and increase intensity as your body warms up. Be sure to maintain steady breathing patterns throughout your warm-up.

Perform exercises properly

Exercises do not reach their full potential if they are not performed properly. Thorough techniques should be in place when executing your workout in order to gain maximum results. Moreover, if an exercise is performed improperly, key muscles and structural systems within your body can suffer. If you have a physical trainer or exercise instructor, be sure to follow their techniques and ask for guidance when a new exercise is introduced. If you are running your own workout, take your exercises at your own pace. When it comes to exercising, it is always better to be safe than sorry. Your spine will thank you.

Stay hydrated

H2O is known to revitalize every bodily system, even the interworking vertebrae within our spines. With a hydrated spine, our bodies can perform at their best during a workout. In addition, your body is burning an accelerated amount of energy. Replenish that energy with enough water to hydrate your muscles and maintain flexibility.

Allow yourself to cool down

Intense workouts can take a toll on your body. After your routine, make time to cool down. Similar to a warm-up, a cool-down session will allow your heart rate to readjust and ease your body back to a normal pace. Include stretches that elongate your spine, like reaching for the sky while planting your feet on the ground shoulder width apart. Take deep, long breaths to steady your oxygen intake.

To maintain a healthy exercising routine and protect your back from injuries, consider trying these tips to treat your spine with care. For more information on how to protect your spine, call Spine Solutions at (954) 329-1769 or email us at

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