What to Expect After Spine Surgery

Spine Surgery

Traditional spine surgery can require a long recovery process. The length of an individual’s recovery depends on the type of surgery; however, it typically takes about four to six weeks to do simple activities. A full recovery can take from about six months to an entire year.

Right after a traditional surgical procedure, you can expect your back to feel stiff and sore. The pain will come and go, and you may have trouble sitting or standing in one position for long periods of time. Pain medication should be administered for the first couple of weeks. As weeks pass and surgical aches weaken, you will not need to take medication as often. Some individuals even need to wear a back brace while in recovery or must attend physiotherapy.

Every person recovers at a different pace. By following your doctor’s exact orders for a healthy recovery, your spine will be sure to heal as quickly as possible.

Recovery at home

Recovery after spine surgery is often more important than the actual surgical procedure, so it is crucial you take care of yourself during this process. Here are some recommendations for to ensure a smooth at-home recovery.

Follow-up care

Make sure to attend all of your follow-up appointments. Each time, your doctor will let you know how you are progressing during the spine surgery recovery process. If you are having any problems, call your doctor or nurse for help. Also, keep a collection of all test results and a list of the medications you are taking.

We know the recovery process for traditional spine surgery is strenuous. At Spine Solutions, we specialize in minimally invasive spine surgery which significantly reduces a patient’s recovery time. We pride ourselves in taking a patient-first approach when it comes to minimally invasive surgical procedures. Call us today at (954) 329-1769 to schedule your appointment with one of our trained experts.

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